Opening Your Pool for the First Time

New Pool Owners…

What you need to know about opening your swimming pool for the first time.

After signing up for your swimming pool opening with North Shore Pool & Spa we will send you an email confirmation with your scheduled swimming pool opening date.

On the day of your pool open the crew will remove the winter cover and store it at the designated storage location site on your property. They will then begin to drain the pool and acid wash the floors and walls.

Please Note: You do not need to be home on this day. However, we will need access to store your winter cover in the garage, shed, basement, etc. We will also need all the white goods associated with the pool.

The crew will then install all the handrails, ladders, lights, rails, white goods, baskets etc. When the crew is finished they will start filling the swimming pool.

Once the pool is filled to the proper operating level (half way up on the tile) call the office and ask for your assigned account manager who will dispatch a technician to start-up the swimming pool equipment and balance the water chemistry. If you would like to speak with a technician about your pool the equipment start-up is the time to do so.

Please Note: It is recommended you be home for this portion in the event that a part needs replacement, he needs to bring something to your attention, we need to reset breakers, turn on a water supply, access fill line, etc.

Please Note: It is important that the pool be completely filled before calling to start-up your equipment. If the technician arrives and the pool is not completely filled there is no work he can perform.

Once the start-up technician leaves and your pool heats to temperature your pool is ready for use, family fun, relaxation and enjoyment.

Swimming Pool opening from the day the first crew arrives to the time the pool is heated typically takes 7 days.

Important information to know when opening your swimming pool with North Shore Pool & Spa.

Swimming Pool opening forms are mailed out in February. May is the most desired opening month especially around Memorial Day. If you do not want to lose your desired opening date as well as have the pool ready for use prior to Memorial Day we recommend you sign up for your pool opening when you receive the forms and schedule your pool opening for late April or early May. As once the opening forms are mailed typically 75 customers sign up immediately. If you would like to expedite the scheduling process please schedule on our website at

It is also important to know that painting, resurfacing, tiling are considered pool renovations. This is something that we provide a quote for and is scheduled separate from the pool opening. Please let us know if you would like to discuss renovating your pool.

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