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Purchasing a home with a in ground swimming pool is the last thing you should have to worry about, moving can be stressful enough. That’s were our expertise lies. Our inspectors have over 35 years of experience and know what to look for. The last thing you want to happen is move into a home only to find the pool leaks without knowing prior to your home purchase. Pool leaks can be costly repairs if unknown or unforeseen. North Shore Pool & Spa provides visual inspections on swimming pool year round. Just because the swimming pool is closed for the winter does not mean you do not need the pool inspected. With our years of experience, industry knowledge, combined with our presents in the North Shore area for over 45 years not having the pool inspected is a big mistake. We look for signs that the pool leaks, safety concerns and red flags. We provide you with the estimated life of the pool equipment, and its condition as well as the swimming pool surface and structure. For example, the pool heater might be 2 years old and the life of a pool heater is 8 years, this heater is in good condition. We let you know what you can expect owning a pool for years 1-3, 4-6 and so on. We help provide you with real costs for owning a swimming pool so you know what to expect. We email you a report outlining our recommendations within 24 hours or less.


No one wants the home purchase to be held up by the swimming pool, so we have different options we offer from escrow to sale price reductions. If you are selling your home and North Shore Pool & Spa has maintain it over the years we offer insight into the swimming pool for potential buyers from our extensive records which can make the process much smoother.


Call or email today to schedule your pool inspection with North Shore Pool & Spa. 847-564-4910,



“Thanks for your time and professionalism today, I look forward to working with you once we close on our home.” -Kevin S, Northbrook, Illinois

“Thank you for your quick turnaround. I really appreciate your input.” -Marissa L, Lake Forest, Illinois

“Thanks again, it was a pleasure meeting you. You helped relief my worry about purchasing and owning a home with a pool, as we are excited to be first time pool owners.” -Leslie B, Winnetka, Illinois

“Thank you for coming out on such short notice, and the quick response on the inspection report. I am pleased my home inspector referred you, you sure made the process simple. Sorry for the short notice.” -Cary D, Glencoe, Illinois.



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