Closing Your Pool for the First Time

New Pool Owners…

What you need to know about closing your swimming pool for the first time.

After signing up for your swimming pool closing with North Shore Pool & Spa we will send you an email confirmation with your scheduled swimming pool closing date.

On the day of your swimming pool closing the crew will lower the water level to the proper operating level which is 18” below the skimmers. They will remove all handrails, ladders, lights, rails, white goods, baskets etc. They will remove all the water from the plumbing lines and add alcohol free antifreeze to the plumbing lines and then plug the line with a winterizing plug. They will winterize all swimming pool equipment where needed.

They will then install the winter cover, and complete any other winterization process. They crew will store all the rails, white goods, cartridges, etc on your property for the winter. We will need access to this again at the pool opening.

Please Note: the technicians will need access to the winter cover from the designated storage location at your property. All winterizing plugs are inspected at the time of the pool closing. If the technician finds a plug damaged or cracked he will automatically replace the plug to prevent antifreeze from leaking out during the winter months.

All pool equipment and accessories are stored at your residence during the winter for use the next season.

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